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This page contains all the messages posted on the messages section of The Lauderdale County Home Page. Newest messages will be at the top. The first three are the same as what is on the home page. This page will keep you from missing anything if you haven't been on for a while. Please keep in mind that older external links may not work.

04/13/2007 10:00pm If you move, please call the ECSIS main office at 285-5936 to make sure your DSL is transferred cleanly.

08/07/2006 2:05pm If you are having trouble sending lctn mail from a different internet service prodivider, check to make sure your outgoing mail server is, not, which should be defined as your incoming mail server. This would occur when your work has lctn internet and you might have a slower service at home. Or your work has internet through the state, cable tv, or other ISP, and your are permitted to check your personel e-mail at work. If you have a laptop that you plug in more than one place, it would be better to have your outgoing mail server set to

05/22/2005 2:00pm A number of people have ask about an e-mail they have received about cell phone numbers and telemarketers. If you get an e-mail telling you that your cell phone number is about to be released to telemarketers and to tell everybody you know to register with the do not call registry, you should delete it. You should doubt anything that includes the line "tell everybody you know". That is called chain main. Whether it is true or not, it is still chain mail. There is no little girl who is dying that will be saved if everybody sends ten emails to ten friends who then send ten emails to ten of their friends. This specific hoax (or urban legend) about cell phone numbers is being propagated locally by people in positions that you would expect know what they are talking about. If you'll visit the FTC web article about this matter you can see for yourself. The next time you get a chain e-mail either throw it way immediately or take the time to research yourself. It might be true, but most likely it is just like this cell phone thing, an urban legend. You should never, however, spread it through more email. I also hope that if you are one of those who spread this hoax, you do not send more emails to tell everybody to send even more emails to retract what they sent to everybody they knew. Web pages and news letters remain the best way to distribute information to the masses, not e-mail.

03/04/2005 5:00pm The Lauderdale Internet User Group will meet at 6:30 on Tuesday, April 12, 2005, at Bank of Ripley's Jefferson location. The public is invited. The meeting is free. We had several of these meetings a few years back. All users are welcome regardless of who your internet service provider is.

09/28/2004 12:30pm ECSIS now offers accellerated internet access. This is similar to other accelerated access you may have seen advertised. The best thing about ECSIS's plan, is that they do not charge extra for it. If you have and the minimum computer requirements, you can start go faster today. For more information see the ECSIS Propel web page.

03/03/2004 03:00pm We never send out e-mails to tell our users about service problems. Do not open attachments from anyone claiming to be someone from LCTN or ECSIS. Always use up-to-date virus scanning software. It is always safest to NOT open any attachment.

02/24/2004 11:50am The numeric addresses of some ECSIS servers will be changing very soon. If you have a newer PC with windows and used the automatic detection of DNS when you setup your connection, you will be fine. Older PC and older version of windows, as well as anyone who used numeric addresses for servers will need to make changes to avoid any downtime. Also, people with routers will be affected. - All addresses other than DNS should be named addresses, i.e. not Any DNS entries should be and For more information see ECSIS.NET DNS and IP change.

10/31/2003 3:00pm You may want to force your virus protection software to update itself as you read this for the first time. A new varient of the mimail worm is running rampent. It has a attachment. It is always safe not to open attachments from anybody. Anytime you open an attachment you run a risk of infection. Keep your virus software updated at all times and don't open unexplained attachments from anybody including people you know and trust who may have been infected and are spreading a virus without their knowledge.

09/23/2003 9:00am In regards to unsolicited requests for information: Never give out your credit card or any other information to anybody who asks for it online, whether it be by e-mail, instant message, or on the web. Even if it looks like it is from a financial instution or a store. Web pages and e-mail can be faked. If your bank sends you an e-mail asking for your credit card number to fix a problem, just throw it away because banks don't do that. If they really do, throw it away and change banks. e-mail is not a secure means of sending personal financial information.

09/20/2003 10:00am Just because an e-mail claims to be from Microsoft and looks like it is from Microsoft and *claims* to update your computer, does not mean it *is* from Microsoft. They do not send out programs to update your computer. You should visit for updates. Some recent viruses are coming through email pretending to be from Microsoft. The e-mail "from address" can be faked. Never run attachments from any e-mail and always have up-to-date virus programs running on your computer.

07/28/2003 9:00am Always read the fine print. Just because you get a great introductory price on dial up or DSL internet access doesn't mean it is the best deal. Often the rates go up and you find your self locked into a long contract. Where ever you get your service, find out the real price after you get past the intro period.

02/06/2003 9:15am For ISDN customers: Make sure you are using the primary dialin number of 836-0271. All of our dialups support ISDN, so the "special" ISDN number isn't needed anymore, plus the 0271 gives you access to all phone banks. That other number isn't rolling through all phone banks.

01/16/2003 12:15pm The equipment changed out last week had some problems. This has been corrected by replacing the equipment with a new box. Again, thanks for your understanding during this quick change out.

01/07/2003 9:15am ECSIS changed out some equipment this morning. There was brief period (about 20 minutes) when all internet sites may not have been available. We apologize for the short outage as we strive to keep our equipment up-to-date and in good working order.

12/11/2002 12:30pm This web site is provided as a service to the citizens of Lauderdale County and CSSIS internet users by people who live and work in Lauderdale County. We hope you find the content to reflect this fine county in a positive matter. We welcome comments or suggestions to improve this site.

09/29/2002 4:00pm We had some problems with the web site this weekend. The issue has been resolved and we regret and apologize for any inconvenience accessing it. The rest of the internet was accessible, only items on were affected.

09/09/2002 1:20pm If you have a community event in Lauderdale County, be sure to have it listed on the Community Calendar sponsored by Bank of Ripley. This calendar is where to go to see events of all kinds. You can quickly access the calendar by clicking the date at the top of the Lauderdale County Home Page.

08/20/2002 9:45am We are in the process of upgrading the web servers at ecsis/lctn. The home page may be down at times. E-mail and all other outside web sites will still work during the upgrade.

05/17/2002 3:30pm There is a virus hoax out about the file jdbgmgr.exe. This is a normal windows file and it belongs on your computer. If you get an e-mail claiming that somebody sent you a virus that can't be detected by Norton and McAfee, be cautious. The e-mail goes on to tell you to search for the file and delete it. It also asks you to tell everybody in your address list the same thing. (For good measure, anything that tells you send something to everybody is worthy of the trash can.) Keep your virus program up-to-date, don't open e-mail attachments unless you know exactly what it is, and you will be less likely to get a virus. Also, never warn your whole address book, or even just a handful of your friends about any virus using e-mail. This is how most all virus and hoaxes are spread - mass e-mails. If you infect somebody, call them up on the phone. If you get a warning by e-mail call them up to comfirm it and ask them just to call you next time. Odds are they didn't know they sent it, which is how these things spread so quickly. In this case, however, they know they sent the warning, it was just wrong. You can look up information about viruses and hoaxes on the Norton Web Site. By using the search page there and typing in jdbgmgr, you can learn about the hoax and how to restore the file if you deleted it.

05/06/2002 3:45pm I have had DSL for several weeks and it works great. If you are interested or need more information, write me. It is mostly available only in town. If you are paying for a second phone line and an internet account, the monthly cost will not be much different. There is some up front set up cost and some equipment is required. Please sign up with us. If you need call waiting call the phone company, if you want DSL internet access call your internet service provider, CSS Internet Services.

01/15/2002 7:30am We are planning on offering DSL in the near future. A few have volunteered to be guinea pigs. Initially the availablity will be limited. Look here for updates.

01/14/2002 8:45am A few folks have reported phone line noise in outlaying areas, particularly in western Lauderdale County. Listen on a non-cordless phone for a humming sound on the line you use for your internet connections and report any noise you may hear to your local phone company. Modems are very sensitive to this interference. It is best to call on the line you are having trouble with so they can hear it, too, and speed corrective action.

10/03/2001 8:30pm ECS is in the process of upgrading all of our modems. We will now support most v.90s. Some older modems may not connect with these new modems. We will try to resolve this on a case by case basis, but some may require the user upgrade their modem.
We are also working the some Beta stuff for v.92. Some v.92 modems boast speeds exceeding single channel ISDN. This remains to be seen. There are many things affecting a connection beyond modem type. Most notably, phone line noise and distance from a phone switching station.

09/21/2001 12:30pm There is a virus out called Nimda that is quite nasty. You should be running an up-to-date virus protection program on your computer. For more information about Nimda and other viruses, check out the ECSIS.NET virus info page.

09/14/2001 4:30pm We had a server go down late in the night. It affected one of our DNS servers. If you had your computer set to use either server assigned DNS or had manually enter a secondary DNS, you weren't affected as the back ups would keep you surfing. All accounts setup since April of 1997 should be fine. Those set up before then should have followed the directions on the DNS set up page as posted here back on Paril 16, 1997.

08/13/2001 4:30pm Bellsouth is installing some fiber lines to upgrade some of our incoming circuits. This work will start on Wednesday, August 22. There may short outages as circuits are switched over. Once the work is done, we should have much cleaner, more reliable lines on the ISP side of modem connections. Please accept our apology in advance for any brief disruptions as we continue to improve your internet experience and provide the best internet service possible.

08/10/2001 3:00pm A power supply went out in one of our v.90 remote access servers (modem banks). We have put back up modems in their place, but these are the older v.32 type (non 56k). By using the backs up we insure that there will be few busys on the overloaded remaining banks, however, the connection speeds will not be 56k until we get the defective equipment repaired. It is out goal to make any problems we have transparent to your internet experience by having backs up to every system, multiple internet backbone connections, etc. In this case the back up is not of the quality you have come accustomed to. It has been 15 months since we've had major equipment problem and we ask for your understanding during this brief period.

03/05/2001 11:00am Did you know we offer access in most West Tennessee Counties? You may use your account in Dyer, Tipton, Crockett, Lake, Madison, Obion, Lake, and more by using our other local access numbers. One account, one price with access throughout West Tennessee, does yout internet service provider do that? Check out our rates, too, we have unmetered access starting at $19.95 (with credit card billing) and metered plans as low as $9.95 for 20 hours.

02/12/2001 10:00am If you access the internet from several different computers, it is nice to be able to check your e-mail from different locations. ECSIS.NET offers web access to your lctn mail through it's Web Mail Page. Enter your account name, password and select LCTN.COM for the server. Anything you leave in your inbox will remain until you use a POP3 mail program such as Outlook Express or NetScape Mail. This page also comes in handy if somebody sends you a message that Outlook Express can't handle (so called hanging messages). You may access your mail on the Web Mail Page and delete it from there. This way Outlook will never know about it.

11/09/2000 8:30pm Some may not be aware we offer a $19.95/month credit card plan. If you want flat rate access with no worries about remembering to pay a bill, set up your lctn account for automatic payment by credit/debit card. Call 836-0191 and let the friendly folks know you want to change your account to credit/debit card billing. You'll need your account name and a valid credit card.

08/28/2000 11:00am Speed up your connection with ISDN. If you have a second phone line for your computer, your monthly cost will be about the same.

05/20/2000 4:30pm ECS is having some equipment problem. They have been working for several hours on this problem.

05/12/2000 01:00pm There was a power grid failure in Dyersburg earlier today. Battery backups kept us up approx. 30 minutes. We were down for a short while between 11:30 and 12:30.

05/11/2000 0 9:00am Important notice about your password : When we change to the new accounting system all passwords will be set back the original that was assigned when you first setup your account. If you have changed your password since you first setup your account, try your original. Or if you have problems call 836-0191 for help setting your password to what you want it to be. Write the number down now because you will not be able to get on if your password has been changed. It might be a good idea to call ahead of time if you know you have changed your password.

04/25/2000 10:30pm The new billing date is the 20th of the month. The new due date is the 1st of the month. For more info visit our Billing Info Page.

04/24/2000 1:00pm One of the T1 PRI lines went down for a short period of time today. As soon as it was discovered, it was corrected.

01/18/2000 04:30pm Please disconnect your computer when you are no longer using the internet. Even though you may have a line just for your computer, you still tie up lines that others need to use. Low cost internet services work on the basis that the lines are a shared resource. Enjoy your time on line, but please hang up when your finished. Thank you.

01/08/2000 09:30pm We have a problem with one of our circuits. We are watching the situation to determine the cause of this problem.

01/07/2000 08:30pm If you get an "unknown error", or other error from Outlook Express, chances are you may have an e-mail in your outbox with a bad address. In the past, bad addresses were accepted by our server and delivery attempted, you would then (most of the time) get a message back later saying the address was bad. Now our server checks the address you are sending to when you send it. If it is bad it refuses the message right away. It then returns an error code that Outlook Express doesn't recognize. The bottom line is this: If you get an e-mail error and your e-mail has been working fine the last few months, look in your outbox and check the address of what you are sending. For other e-mail problems refer to Mail Server Settings.Thanks!

12/23/1999 11:15am Get paid while surfing? Details.

11/14/1999 10:00pm ECS has just completed upgrading the servers. During the upgrade the lctn home page was not available, but other outside sites were. The week-end upgrade included work on the e-mail server, too.

10/25/1999 9:30pm BellSouth had some circuit problems with one of our T1s over the weekend. This affected a portion of the incoming lines. Once found, the problem was corrected right away by Bell.

09/16/1999 5:30pm The MCI backbone circuits were down for a little over an hour when Hurricane Floyd knocked out key systems on the east coast. They have rerouted our internet connection. Some sites hosted in affected areas may not be availible until those system come back online.

09/16/1999 1:30pm I am working on a page of links to online shopping. If you have a favorite or two or more, let me know.

09/01/1999 1:00pm We now have the new lines installed. From around 10:00am to 12:30pm, we rebooted the server several times and were down for at least 30 minutes at one time. We apologize for the inconvenience, but think you will find the added service worth the short period of downtime. Thanks for using CSS Internet service!

08/13/1999 3:00pm We had to reboot a server around 2:35. For a short period of time you might not have been able to log on. Those already online were not affected. All is well now. Thanks!

07/29/1999 2:45pm The lctn home page was down for a few hours this morning and for while this afternoon. We are having a few hard drive problems. Other external pages still worked during this time.

07/29/1999 11:05am Due to your continued support of the internet in Lauderdale County, we are once again able to grow. We have placed an order with BellSouth for additional lines. It will be several weeks before they will install these lines. As always, thanks for using CSS Internet Services.

06/11/1999 2:30pm We have all lines back up after experencing a problem in one of our PRI lines. Some users may have received a busy signal for about an hour while this problem was being worked.

06/07/1999 8:45pm All lines are back up and working after a BellSouth problem at their "CO". Around 1:30pm some users were getting a "All circuits are busy" message. The problem was immediately reported to BellSouth. The suspect circuits were taken offline around 4:00 for testing. No more recordings were received but the lines were busier than usual for a few hours. Thanks for your patience and understanding during this brief BellSouth partial outage.

05/26/1999 6:00pm Thanks to those who reported problems with connections today and yesterday. The problem was a near immediate disconnect after logging in. We have found "noise" in one of our PRIs. We are working to identify the source and correct it. This "noise" affects only a portion of the lines and upon reconnecting odds are you will get a clean line. Thanks for your understanding as we work this problem out and continue to provide the service you expect.

05/18/1999 2:30pm If you are having trouble sending or receiving e-mail it may be your Mail Server Settings.

05/04/1999 9:00am There was a power outage last night that outlasted our battery backups. The outage was caused by the violent storm that past through last night. The outage was from approx. 1:30am until 8:45am.

05/03/1999 4:45pm Don't buy a US Robotics WinModem from Wal-Mart or anywhere else. There is no known way to connect to CSS Internet with that particular modem.

03/29/1999 7:30am A new virus is out called melissa. It comes in the form of an e-mail attachment or "paper clip". Do not open any attachments unless you know exactly what it is. This virus is embedded in a Word 97 macro and spreads itself to others you correspond with once you are infected. Text based e-mail is still just as safe as it has been. The danger here is an attachment.

03/24/1999 7:00pm There was a intermittant problem with Ripley people calling in from March 16 - March 18. It was possible to get through, but frequent operator recordings were received. The problem turned out to be a combination of Bell "trunk" lines and one of the channels in our lead PRI line in an "idle, but busy" state. Bell termed the trunk lines as "asleep". In any event Bell corrected the situation. This post replaces several posts during the time with frequent updates to the users of CSS Internet Services. Should more information become available it will be posted here.

03/13/1999 12:00am Even people you know and trust can unknowingly give you a virus. Read about the Happy99 Virus. Text e-mail is ok. The problem is attachments, in particular .exe and .com files.

03/07/1999 08:00pm Please remember to disconnect when you are finished surfing. We had several users forget and leave connections open over night this weekend. Be considerate of other users and free up the lines when you leave your computer for any period of time. Everyone appreciates being able to get online quickly. Hanging up when we are through is an important part of this. Thanks!

03/02/1999 03:15pm BellSouth is having a problem with Ripley numbers calling the PRI lines. Halls and Henning numbers are going through fine. When Ripley calls in they get a BellSouth recording saying that all circuits are busy. We have lots of open lines. It's not us. We have reported this to BellSouth.

02/22/1999 06:15pm Seems BellSouth has decided to "work on" some of our circuits today. If you happen to get cut off, this is why. You should be able to reconnect within minutes after their "resets". There were several at various times today, 1:45, 2:00, 2:45, 3:00, 4:45, and 5:00 that I know of for sure. As of 6:15 the last reset was at 5:33. Bell claims all our circuits are now on fiber and the reset problem has been corrected. Previously only the newest lines that were added in December and January were fiber. Now all lines are digital and fiber on the server side. A short run of copper still exists between Bell's big box on the street and the building.

02/16/1999 07:00am One of our modem servers locked up late in the night. Someone will reboot it as quickly as they get in the Dyersburg office. 7:45am offending machine taken offline, other servers taking incoming calls. 8:00am Offending machine rebooted. 8:10 Offending machine back online.

02/09/1999 10:30pm I hadn't had a call or message in a while on the modem problem. But just in case someone wants to investigate their modem and/or drivers, ECS has put up a Modem Help Page.

02/04/1999 04:35pm It seems the string &f is a fix-all for most modems. I suggest trying this string if you have any problems connecting. You may want to use the Settings Page for assistance. I will be in the office extended hours today if you need telephone support.

02/03/1999 04:00pm We just found another modem that is unable to connect to the v.90 modems on our side. It is a LT Winmodem. It needs the string of ATs38=0 or if that doesn't work AT-V90=0s38=0 That is AT minus sign V90=0s38=0 You can use the Extra settings page for help setting this up. If you having troubles and your modem is not one of the ones listed here, or these strings don't work, try this string &f that is an ampersand followed by a lowercase f.

02/02/1999 11:30pm Update: Bell has repaired the noise in the phone lines. - 02/02/1999 01:00 There is some noise in a few of our lines. The result of this will be a slower than normal connection as the modems attempt to correct the errors in transmission. We have an open trouble ticket with Bell on this matter. We apologize on their behalf for these problems.

02/01/1999 04:00pm Error 650: The computer you are dialing into does not respond to a network request??? What is this?!! Your x2 modem may not like our v.90 56k modem. You will get various network errors when you try to connect. If so, try Making that X2 work. Better yet, go to 56K.COM and see about upgrading your modem to v.90. Special thanks to Derek for helping me figure this problem out.

01/29/1999 10:00am We now support V.90. Your continued patronage has made this upgrade possible. Also, if you are still dialing 836-0467, you should try a faster way to get online. This new method, available for over a year now, will speed up the time it takes to verify your username and password. Thanks for using CSS Internet Services.

01/27/1999 8:00pm January has been a good month for growth here at CSS Internet Service and we are pleased to annouce the addition of more dial in lines. Bell should have these up by next week. Actually I'm kind of hoping for this Friday. Thanks for using CSS.

01/25/1999 11:00am Are you 2000 ready? The Lauderdale County Bank will have a Year 2000 Seminar at the Halls Comunity Center on February 18. Visit the web site for more information.

01/20/1999 12:45pm Thanks to all of you that called and left messages about being unable to access the internet after the storm Sunday. Due to the volume of calls received Sunday and Monday, I will be unable to call each of you back individually. MCI had all services completely restored by 8:00 pm Monday.

01/19/1999 11:00am We have greatly upgrading the e-mail system, but your e-mail will NOT work if you do not have the correct server settings in your e-mail client. If you are using numbers for your e-mail server, it will not work. Why? Every computer on the internet has a numeric address. Most also have an alphabetic address. The server address on your computer tells it where to look for e-mail on our server. If you have a numeric address in there, like, it looks at that computer. The same goes for a named address, like But the catch comes when we work on the system. We recently added a new server that just does e-mail. It has a new numeric address, but the same named address. If you had had the named address in your e-mail settings, you would still be receiving and sending mail. Things are done this way so that the users will not have to change something on their computer anytime we update something on ours. While the numeric address may work at a given time, it may not always. This is why you should insure you have the named addresses in your e-mail client. For more info see Are you having e-mail problems?

01/18/1999 07:40pm MCI has restored partial capacity to the internet backbone. Things will run slowly on external sites until they get the other T1s back up. The lines were knocked out as a result of the storms the night of January, 17. The local dial-in lines remained working. These lines are provided by BellSouth. During the outage you could load only local pages. This same storm bought havoc on the Town of Halls.

01/11/1999 04:30pm Please remember to disconnect when you are not sitting in front of your computer actively using the internet.

01/04/1999 10:00am Please support the business who have web page on lctn. Let them know you saw them on the web.

12/29/1998 5:29pm The third annex for Lauderdale County is now up and running. Enjoy, and thanks for using CSS Internet Services.

12/29/1998 5:00pm Bell has installed the lines and equipment. We are waiting on them to "flip a switch". Hopeful any minor glitches will be brief when the new lines are activated.

12/28/1998 10:15am In the past I've learned that "the week of" means Friday of that week for Bell. With the icing and holidays and a few problems with the fiber lines at the server location, we have been put off until this week for the line upgrades. We are excited about getting these new lines in place and look forward to continuing to serve you better. Once the fiber is tested we will move our other lines from copper to fiber. Although we have been quite happy with the quality of the Bell digital lines on our side, we welcome the fiber to further improve signal quality. There will still be poor to moderate line conditions on the client side, but at least one side will be clear.

12/01/1998 10:00amEarly in November we order additional lines. These were originally scheduled to be installed the first week of December. Bell had to postpone this until the week of December 21 due to a lack of resources on their part. It was our goal to have an upgrade in place by Christmas. Barring any other delays, this will be the case. Thanks for using CSS Internet Services.

11/18/1998 12:30pmWe are working on the e-mail system to improve the speed at which it delivers your mail. If you get a message from CRON saying DON'T DELETE THIS MESSAGE, it is ok to delete it from your system. It is an internal message that was necessary on the server side. Everybody will get one of these messages.

11/17/1998 09:30pmIt is important that your mail server addresses are kept up-to-date with the most recent settings. Please consult the Mail Server Settings page to make sure your SMTP server is set properly. If you sometimes get errors sending e-mail, this is probably your problem.

11/11/1998 03:00pmWould someone who uses AOL's bring your own connection account please send me e-mail. I have some questions about how well this is working for you and how to correctly get it set up. Thanks -Robert

11/06/1998 04:15pmWe are rebooting a few things to make sure certain settings are locked in. Expect no more than 15 minutes of down time.

11/06/1998 12:30pmWe have identify and corrected a problem where the local lctn server and e-mail is not talking to one of our modem servers. Users on that modem server can get external sites but not local sites or e-mail. Thanks to all those who helped us identify this problem. Appears this was sparked by a major power outage in Dyersburg last night. If someone send you a message during the power outage, they would have gotten an unable to delivery message. After the outage all e-mail received would have been stored on the server until the next time you were able to download it.

10/12/1998 09:30amWe were having a problem with our routing tables this morning. This prevented most connections from loading web sites and e-mail. This has been corrected for now. We are searching for the cause of this problem.

10/05/1998 05:15pmWe have been working on the mail and web server for the past 30-45 minutes. During this time you would have not been able to send or receive e-mail or load local web pages. All external pages were still available thanks to the back up DNS servers. We apologize for this brief inconvience.

10/05/1998 09:30amPlease don't spread spam. Spam includes anything you get that says, "send this to everyone you know". The messages sometimes starts with "You won't believe this but...." or "This is a test a e-mail tracking software...." or "This little boys final wish is...." Spam is a digital chain letter. Spam is also unsolicitated bulk/e-mail including advertising and get rich quick schemes and other pyramid stuff.

10/01/1998 09:30am: Policy Statement - Users may not use their account to send out mass/bulk unsolicitated e-mail. This is called SPAM. It includes make money fast scams, send a copy of this to everyone you know scams, etc. I call them scams because they are. People who send them may believe they work. Recently, a lctn user fired off a few thousand of these. We have been getting complaints from around the globe. The account has been deleted. At least the servers we got the complaints from are giving us the chace to correct the problem. Other sysadmins may just block all mail from lctn and ecsis. This affects all the honest users we have by making it impossible to send e-mail to those domains. Please think twice before jumping on a spam bandwagon. Comments. SPAM does not include listservs where people personally request to receive your mail.

09/15/1998 10:50am: We worked on the password tables from 10:10am until 10:30am. During this time you may have had difficulties logging in. We apoligize for any inconvience during this brief period.

Any Ripley football fan out there care to make a Ripley football page like the Halls Tiger Football Page? If so, e-mail me and let me know.

The e-mail server was experiencing problems late Sunday until Monday afternoon. During this period the server was up and down at various times. This problem was caused by a e-mail bombing. The source has been block from future attempts. We apologize for any inconvenience you may have suffered during the down periods. We will continue to monitor this situation. Unfortunately, there are no guarantees. The freedom the internet and e-mail offers all users, also leaves holes open for hits like this. Normally we would not report hits like this because it is letting the hackers know they got to us. They get some satisfaction from that. Normally a hit might make us reboot the server and block the offending address. This one was a little more severe. For future reference, if you have an e-mail error and you know your computer has been working fine, try again later. Most of the time you'll find the situation is cleared up in no time.

If you have trouble with your e-mail client for Windows computers, try Trouble-shooting your e-mail client. Pages are included for Netscape 2-4, Microsoft Exchange, Internet Mail 2-3, and Outlook Express.

Internet lesson for the day: Most internet addresses are lowercase. Your e-mail and web address with CSS Internet Services is no different. If your account name is billyjojimbob then your e-mail address would be not Sometimes uppercase letters work, other times they do not. The safest way is to use the correct case. For CSS it is the industry standard lowercase, even though uppercase will work a lot of the time.

Do you have any ideas or thoughts about what you would like to see on the Lauderdale County Home Page? Submit you ideas using our Comment Form or send an e-mail message. Thanks for using CSS Internet Services.

The quick links section of the home page has been re formatted. It was kind of crowded. I hope it is easier to read.

Please disconnect when not actively using the internet. Thanks! And by the way, we increased capacity last week by 15%.

Moisture causes problems with some people's connection. If you have problems keeping your connection in weather that is not fair, you may want to get your home wiring checked out. Other possibilities could be between your house and the phone company. The lines running from the phone company to the internet server are digital lines and are constantly checked for realibility. We want your connection to be the best it can be.

Due to the various activities during the summer, we will not have the monthly internet users meeting. The user's meeting will resume in September.

Your internet service is so easy to get on because you and users like you remember to disconnect after using the service. See Help Disconnecting if you have trouble disconnecting when you are through using the internet.

Keep up with your favorite local kid's baseball/softball standings. Thanks go to the information providers that make this possible. You can also find out rainout information. A link into this page can be found out the top of the Lauderdale County Home Page. Thanks to John Jenkins for the animated gif. Check out the neat stuff he is doing at his home page.

The May User's Meeting is Scheduled for Tuesday, May 5 at Bank of Ripley on the square in downtown Ripley at 6:30pm. I've had several topics requested to be covered. Topics we will cover for sure include: Web TV and creation of personal home pages. Hopefully we will have time to get to some of the others as well as take some informal questions.

Please remember to disconnect when you are finished using the internet so that your fellow users can get online quickly.

The internet user's meeting will be held Tuesday, April 7 at Bank of Ripley on the square in Ripley at 6:30pm.

Are you ready for the year 2000? Come to a Seminar at Tennessee Technology Center sponsored by Bank of Ripley.

Please use the Correct Access Number when calling to get on the internet.

We have local access numbers for Web TV and A-O-L. Give us a call at 836-9437 and find out how to avoid those long distance calls and/or expensive premium phone services.

Here we grow again. Thanks for you continued support - we are again adding capacity. The new lines will not require any changes on your end.
1/23/98 - lines ordered
2/11/98 - Bell starts work
2/20/98 - work done at server location, still work to be done at Bell's building in Halls
2/23/98 - Bell claims they will "throw the switch" Friday, Feb 27
2/27/98 - Lines activated and working properly. Thanks for your patience!

Keep unmetered, flat rate service alive. Please disconnect unless you are sitting at the computer surfing/chatting. Please don't leave tickers running while you're not at your computer. Thanks!

This most common problem people have getting on turns out to be entering their passwords with CAP LOCK on or NUM LOCK off. Since you can't see what you're typing it is an easy mistake to make. All account names and password should be in lowercase letters.

See you at the February users meeting 6:30pm, Tuesday, Feb. 3. The meeting will be in the Bank of Ripley cafeteria on the square in Ripley. If there is a topic you'd like to see covered let me know. It seems at the last meeting, when we closed several people had questions. Those who left miss the answers, so we will "close" earlier this time so we can cover more questions.

Your mail server address should be and your e-mail address should end with Please make these changes as soon as you can. We have put up a page of instructions for those unsure of how to do this.

A user let me know that ICQ keeps your connection active and the idle out will not log you off. It is important that you press your disconnect button to free up the line for other users when you walk away from your computer. Your ICQ messages will be waiting for you the next time you log on.

The more I play with ICQ the more I am impressed with what it can do. You can download it from MIRABILIS.COM. The site itself is very busy. Searching for users is very slow. Once you have it loaded and are connected it works great. Chat with friends, send web address, files, e-mail, more, more, more. Know which of your friends are on line, etc.

The January user's meeting will be Tuesday at 6:30pm at the Bank of Ripley on the square in Ripley. See you there!

Bank of Ripley and Channel 3 sponsor real time weather conditions at Ripley High School on the AWS web site. If you've seen Channel 3 weather you know what real time weather means. Check out this page! We will place links on the Lauderdale County Weather Page and on Bank of Ripley's links page.

Although the new equipment seems to be working fine, it does not completely meet the high quality requirements of ECS and CSS. From time to time we may take the modem server down for very brief periods for system maintenance or other tasks. These periods will be scheduled in such a way as to disrupt the fewest number of users possible. We, with Bell, also continue to monitor the T1 connection. The quality of service you have received the past year is the result of this dedication, especially that of the ECS System Admin, Larry Smith. We thank you for your patience in this matter as we strive to provide the quality of service that you expect from us and that we demand from our vendors.

Thanks to Susan, who help me identify several pages with outdated links and some spelling mistakes.

From the prelimary tests, the new upgrades appear to rock! Great job Larry. Any comments?

Did you know you can make the Lauderdale County pages better by sending in links to neat sites you've found? E-mail your links. Thanks for visiting WWW.LCTN.COM, Lauderdale County Tennessee's place on the web.

Some users have reported difficulties downloading large files and some sites not loading all their graphics. This issue is being looked into. On the good side, the new lines seem to be working quite nicely nice (knock, knock, knock). UPDATE: (12/09) new equipment (10MB network switch) was added Monday, December 8 to help this problem. UPDATE2: (12/10) Larry is having to tweak and/or otherwise configure all the new equipment. Some improvement was realized, but more will be done. UPDATE3: (12/11) ECS also plans to upgrade a network card in the primary server and take some of the load off it and put it on another server. At this time it is best to do large downloads during off peak times. Thanks!

The Lauderdale County internet user's meeting will be held Tuesday, December 9 at 6:30pm at the Bank of Ripley Cafeteria. Hope to see you there!

The user's meeting will not be held December 2 due to a scheduling conflict with the Halls Christmas parade.

It appears the new lines are working properly now. Thanks for using CSS Internet Services. Make sure you are using the proper Access Number. Older numbers will not work in December.

It takes Bell many weeks to get a T1 line set up. I know it's tough to get on right now, but it will be lots better. October saw an unbelievable rush of new accounts. We were expecting to upgrade in December for the Christmas rush, but had to move ahead a month. The equipment arrived last week. All we need is the lines. Upgrades always come in giant leaps. The last major upgrade was in February. Those of you on then can remember how tough January was and how nice March and the many months that followed were. I appreciate your understanding as we once again go through growing pains.

The rapidly growing internet requires us to modify and clarify policy on certain items. Very few are directly effected by the policy. All are indirectly effected in that more resources will be available when policy is followed. This policy exists for one reason : To keep resources readily available for all users.
Your access account is for you to access the internet. Any type of hosting, whether it be web page, chat, MUD, or otherwise, is not allowed. You may host your own personal web pages on the LCTN server. If you would like to host chat rooms, MUDs, etc. at the server site, we can discuss that. If you would like to host anything at your site, you will need to get a dedicated connection. That is a primary reason for a dedicated connection.

Policy statement : This policy is needed to keep lines readily available for all users. (This was cut and pasted from the sign up form) _______ I will closely supervise persons under 18 who use my account. I will not allow anyone to use my account outside of my presence. This means if you are sitting there at the computer, your friend/family member can look something up. The reason for this is to insure the service is available for other users. The pricing is based on one (1) person's average usage. This policy applies to base accounts. If you need more access, consult this page or contact, to work something out. Still wondering why? Here is something to consider.

The user's meeting was lots of fun. We covered several topics. We didn't get to see IE 4.0 as planned due to being unable to get the TV screen to hook up to the laptop. Hope you can make the next meeting on December 2. Precision Technologies annouced a one day only special on 33.6 internal modems. That day is Wednesday, Novemeber 5 and the price is $69.95.

A recent boom in new accounts has made possible additional lines. This will certainly give needed relief during prime time. We are also reviewing account usage. It seems a very small number of users are not following policy regarding unattended access. Those few make it hard on the rest of us. Please, only hold your connection open while (you the user who signed up for services) are sitting at your computer looking at the internet. Using your connection as a radio on a realaudio site, taking news feeds including pointcast, and holding IRC channels open are against policy. The 95% of users who follow these guidelines are more important to us than the 5% who do not. The goal is to keep lines available to everyone.

Notes from the first meeting are here. Thanks to Lanette Curington for putting this together. If you have a topic you would like to see covered, place a message on the chalkboard or send e-mail. This way others will have time to prepared a responce.

The first meeting of the Lauderdale Internet Users will be held at the Bank of Ripley cafeteria on Tuesday, October 7 at 6:30pm. All internet users are invited regardless of who your ISP may be.

Thanks for making the Want Ads a popular place. We are glad to make this free service available to Internet users around our area. This page is for users to buy/sell/trade/swap/give away personally owned items.

Occassionally I like to remind old users and bring to the attention of new users certain things. At the top of the Lauderdale County Home Page is a link to Learn the Net. New folks can learn of different things they can do on the internet. Old users may find something they had forgotten about or even didn't know because they had to learn it the hard way. Each week they focus are different aspects of internet use. Check them out, you may find a use for the internet you had never thought of.

I wish to remind everyone to help keep lines open by not 1) forgetting to hit DISCONNECT when you are through, 2) don't set your mail program to continually check mail when you aren't even using the internet, 3) don't run scheduled (automatic) downloads or take newsfeeds. Went you want mail or newsfeeds, log on download it, and read it. Then when finished surfing, reading, or whatever, please disconnect so someone else can get in. The goal is to be able to get on the first dial except during prime time when it is to get on within five minutes. Thank you.

Please visit the web pages of the businesses in Lauderdale County. Next time your in their establishments, let them know you saw them on the web.

Sure hope everyone has changed their e-mail address to from because very soon the latter will not work anymore.

Everyone has a favorite sports team. I encourage users to make a a page dedicated to their favorite team in their personal web space. We will put links to the sports pages on a new Lauderdale County sports links page. This page will also be your launch pad to other sports pages out on the web.

Sometimes Windows 95 messes up and you can't connect. This happens when the power blinks while you are on line. The next time you try to get on, Windows forgets to ask you for your password and forgets to dial the phone. It just trys to open the internet without it. To work around this check out this page. I suggest you do it now, since you won't be able to pull the page up after it happens. The page gives you a few preventive messures to aid you when it happens to you.

I'm always looking for links to put on the things to do section below. If you have found an interesting place on the web, e-mail it to me. Thanks for using CSS Internet Service.

If you are seriously interested in ISDN access at home e-mail me. That rates would be same as ECS $29.95 plus tax for 100 hours.

Sorry, I had to shuffle a few things around in the quick links section to make things fit better. I know lots of you are use to things being in a certain spot.

The Bank of Ripley is giving you a chance to win a prize for surfing their web site. Visit their site at for details.

Precision Technologies will be closed the week of June 2. You may pay your bill at Halls Furniture Outlet or snail-mail it to CSS at P O Box 32, Halls TN 38040. Payments must be received at CSS by Tuesday June 3. If you are unable to make this date or think the snail-mail might not get it to CSS by Tuesday, call 836-9437 or send e-mail and let us know.

There are a whole set of pages of information starting at Thanks to John Jenkins for providing this information.

Make sure you use lowercase letters on your account name and password. It is easy to not realize the CAP LOCK is on. You will not be able to get on line using the initial password because it is always all lowercase. Bad passwords generated a misleading "Disconnected from server" message. This message is what you get when the connection times out, waiting on the correct password.

Avoid downtime at those rare times when the primary DNS goes down at ECS by setting up a secondary DNS.

Welcome to your source for Lauderdale County youth league sports information. Follow the standings daily from CSS Internet Service. Based on information provided by Ripley Parks & Recreation and a few dedicated individuals in Halls. This info can be found off the recreation page when the season starts. If your favorite team/league is missing, become an information provider, contact us here.

Make sure you read the Lauderdale Chalkboard occasionally. I sometimes put some things in there that in the past I would put here. It is much easier to add things there, plus it gives you guys a chance to respond or comment. Thanks!

The link at the top of the Lauderdale County Home Page takes you to a neat little place for beginners to learn about the internet. It is called Learn the Net. There may even be a little thing or two for us old veterens, too.

NOTICE: In all this changing, there will be a domain change for Lauderdale County internet users. This means changing your E-Mail address and some other things. The some other things can wait, but an E-Mail address may be a pain for some of you to change. To ease the pain, I have already got the new domain setup. Right now both addresses will work. Please begin using the new address as soon as possible. If you address was it will now be lctn means Lauderdale County TeNnessee, so it's easy to remember.

The lines have been ordered from Bell for quite some time. We are waiting on them to install them.

The equipment for the upgrade is in and undergoing testing at ecs. Soon we will have lots of incoming lines added.

Your account with CSS Internet Services is unmetered not unlimited. Unmetered means no per-minute charges will be tallied from CSS while using CSS. Your account is also not meant to be a full time connection to the internet. It is meant to let a single person, the one who signed the contract, be on the internet for as long as they desire, while sitting in front of their computer.

Policy Statement : User will not maintain a live connection from the service through artificial means or when their computer is otherwise unattended. User will not schedule automated connections to check E-Mail, download news, pull stock quotes, or other activities while such user is not in attendance at their machine. The reason for this policy is to maintain as many open lines as possible to "live" users. I think you will agree this is a good policy for all users of CSS Internet Services. If you have any questions or comments on this or any other aspect of your internet service please send E-Mail. Thanks!

I think we're getting big enough to have our own users group. Dyersburg has had one for a while. They get together once a month and discuss various internet issues, both local and global. They share ideas and offer suggestions to ecs concerning service and the like. They also help each other out and new users. If you would like to see this happen in Lauderdale County, please E-Mail me and let me know.

Please don't share your account, thanks you.

Are any of you guys interested in a Lauderdale County Chalk Board? If you don't know what a chalk board is, check those out at Dyersburg at Let me know by writing E-Mail. If enough interest is shown, I will put one up for us.

Once again I remind folks to beware downloading things from companys/people you do not know. There are viruses a plenty out there. And they usaully accompany to-good-to-be-true offers of free software.

The Christmas rush got us and a lot of other ISP slightly behind on upgrades/line additions. We will be added many lines very soon. Even the big guys like AOL are having the same problem. We are determined to catch up and provide the best in access for all of Lauderdale County.

Seems the cold weather is keeping everyone in (and on the internet). You should expect busy signals. Just redial and you will get through. Even during prime time, 5, 10 minutes tops, you will get through. Please do not leave your computer connected while unattended and do not maintain the connection through automated means. This can only result in poor service for everyone else and will no doubt lead to pay-per-minute type access. Let's keep unlimited access alive, don't abuse your account. Thanks!

Microsoft's Internet Explorer 3.0 is now out for Windows 3.1. Check it out by clicking right here

E-Bills went out on 12/16. With the holidays, bills are due the 27th instead of usual 25th. Thanks, and enjoy the holidays...

According to ECS, a firmware upgrade to the modems trashed 15 of them beyond repair. The problem affected the hardware. The manufacturer of the hardware is sending replacements. These will arrive Tuesday. The remaining lines should be repaired then. These problems occured while trying to upgrade the service to benefit everybody. There will be 42 incoming lines once the problems are corrected. Thanks your understanding. We understand the difficultly of having to redial so many times to reconnect, the problem is simply beyond our control. In the meantime we do have 24 working lines and discourage those of you who leave your computer connected when your are not using it (and in some cases not even home).

Over the Christmas holidays, I can imagine the internet will be very busy since most everyone is off work. You should except delays (redials) when connecting and slow load times from across the country once connected. Access to sites across an ocean will really be slow.

From time to time it is necessary to perform maintenance on the system to ensure continued proper operation. This was the case on December 11 from 9am - 2pm. Oh, and ECS will be adding three new lines this week!

CSS Internet wishes you and yours a happy holiday season. The home page will have a new christmas background song every day! (For those with the latest browsers) If you are having trouble hearing the song you might try to click here. I was thinking of putting up a page with Christmas links. Please E-Mail ( the pages you have found on the web. Thanks!

We at CSS Internet Service thank those of you who pay your bills promptly. Now that we have grown past the 100 account mark, it is hard to keep up with the few people who pay late or have to be nagged to pay. We will be moving to automated systems that cuts off unpaid accounts. Everybody's bill is DUE on the 25th of the month. Accounts unpaid by the first are subject to being cut off and subject to reconnect charges. It is no fun spending the first week of the month begging people to pay a $21.70 internet bill. Thank you for your understanding.

The 21st century classrooms in the schools will be doing home pages in the coming weeks (months?). I will place links to them as soon as I get them. Thanks for using CSS Internet Services.

E-Mail is the preferred method of contacting CSS Internet Services.

See the CSS Internet Services page for all the latest pricing options.

Precision is open only during the late afternoon. John and Jay are off at Comdex looking at all the great new stuff. You may pay your bill from 4-6pm or mail your payment to CSS, P O Box, Halls, TN 38040. Thanks!

Thanks for using CSS! ECS has upgraded the server and recently added several incoming lines. We thank all the users for making the growth of internet service in Lauderdale and Dyer County for making it happen. Tell some friends about the internet, let's continue to grow our place on the web - especially in the business sector. Let's make Ripley and Halls look high tech by getting more of our businesses on line.

Bell will be working on the lines Monday during the day. There may be times when you can't get on using the Lauderdale County number. If you are willing to pay long distance, you can use the Dyersburg number. The downtime should be brief and will be during the day, a time when most falks don't sign on anyway. Thanks!

Way to go Bryan Hartman! Others of you should make your own personal page. It's way cool and easy to do. Check out Lauderdale County Personal Pages

E-Mail is the preferred method of contacting CSS Internet Services.

It seems a number of sites have these animated graphics supported by Net$cape 2.0+ and Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0. I have thrown a few in our pages. They are larger than most cute little "still" icons, so I will limited their use to insure the pages load fast.

ECSIS has an area called Net-User Page. It tells about the user group and also has some of the latest more popular software for Windows 95 and Windows 3.1. I assure you, that latest browser will download a lot faster from there than on Net$cape's or Microsoft's sites.

Only a couple of people like the $19.95 rates? I would be glad to go the other way with them. Come on people, the invoices go out this weekend. The only way to get the new rate is to stop by Precision and sign for them. See complete details at $19.95!

CSS Internet Services announces $19.95 a month access!

The Lauderdale County Chamber of Commerce is bringing a Business Development Seminar to Lauderdale County. It will be the week of September 9-13. For more information, contact the Chamber at 635-9541.

Many thanks to Susan Tolene, who has provided much input (read:error correction) to the Lauderdale County pages.

I have seen some neat stuff some of you have found out there on the net. I soon as I check it out furthur I will pass the info to the rest of you. Some of the things I have seen are internet telephones, stock tickers, and radio stations. If any of you who have found this stuff would like to pass the info along to our other users let me know by sending E-Mail or using our (semi) new Comment Form.

Yes, the bills are on their way... Thanks for the success you made of the referal program, which ended last week. Look for a major annoucement concerning pricing right here early next month. The Lauderdale County Pages are a success because of its users. It is important that we let the businesses of Lauderdale County know that we would like to see the on the internet.

URL not found? Check the Address? No DNS Entry? -- WHAT??
MCI, who we use as our gateway to the backbone of the internet, and other carriers periodically re-allocate network resources. The internet is growing so fast that these companies have to re-route network traffic. This is what happen August 7, 1996. Different parts of the net were inaccessible for periods of time. In particular, the Eastern seaboard was unavailable late night August 6. Slowly, section by section, it became available. This does not mean the internet was down in Washington or New York. It only means we had no routing to that part of the internet. Such re-routing takes place at the backbone level and is out of CSS and ECS's control. Any server in this section of the country would have th is same problem.
Think back to how it must have been when the telephone was first invited. Then assume that over a 2-3 year period, millions of people wanted one. Then somebody in LA wants to call New York. The telephone industry has been around many decades and we still occasionally have problems reaching a certain area of the country (translation : fast busy signal). The internet is in it's infancy, everybody wants it now, so you can just imagine the traffic load on all the network routing. Hopeful these "adjustments" by MCI won't happen to frequently.

By popular demand, I have added EXCITE to the list of Search Engines. Type this : Ripley Halls then hit search. Guess what comes up? This may become my favorite search engine!

Well, I'm back after a little trip to Texas. Did ya miss me? I'll start my regular updating of the Lauderdale County Pages once again. Look for more from Halls Air Sho '96 Friday, August 2nd.

Just in case you haven't noticed, ECS has upgraded the internet connection resulting in quicker access to the net. Yeah!

Help support local access internet services in Lauderdale County by letting the businesses who have pages in Business Pages know you saw their page.

There is a blood drive for Jonathan Ward at the Community Center in Halls. Jonathan was burned in a fireworks accident. Any blood received over the amount needed for him will result in a credit to his hospital bill. You can set an appointment by calling The Lauderdale County Bank at 836-5000. You can also drop by the Halls Community Center between 4pm and 9pm on Tuesday, July 16. Thank you.

Don't forget about the local search option on Search Engines Page. It looks at all the pages in for matches to the keyword you supply.

There are several folks who will be getting August internet service for around $12.50. How did this happen? Check out CSS Referal Promotion Plan and find out. AND by popular demand, the promotion will be extended until August 15 to give you a chance at getting September at half price.

E-Mail and this message section will be the primary means that CSS Internet Services will use to communicate with it's users. Always check here and your E-Mail for important messages. ECS is in the process of upgrading the connection to the internet backbone. There may a few short periods of downtime during the day this week. This upgrade will work to benefit all of us by increase the total bandwidth to the internet.

CSS Internet Service annouces a referral promotion plan. Find out how to get August's service for half price. Click right here.

Know of any local business you would like to see on the internet? Let them know about CSS Internet Service. Own a business? Get full co lor advertising cheap. Want to tell Lauderdale County and the world about your event? Call 836-9437 or send E-Mail.

An unlimited account is not the same as a dedicated connection to the internet. Your "unlimited" account is for you to browse the internet as much as you want without worrying about hourly charges. Please disconnect while not using your account to free up lines for others. This is the only way we can offer low cost access for everyone. If you want a line all to your self, all the time, we can arrange that, it will just be more like $100 a month instead of $24.95

I would like to personally thanks those who have recommended CSS Internet Servic e to their friends. It is through continued growth that Lauderdale County can m ove ahead.

I would welcome any comments about the Lauderdale County Pages. Do you like it so far? Any mistakes? What should we add? Would you like to contribute anything?

Always BEWARE of opening/downloading programs on the internet, especially from u nknown sources. There are viruses out there. Looking at web pages and pictures is not a problem, only when you download software should you be careful. Also, never give credit card or bank account numbers over the internet either.

Ok, you were the first on your street to get on the internet. Now it's time to get your neighbor on. Show them... tell them... sell them.... CSS Internet Service, together let's move Lauderdale County ahead.

At times some servers on the internet go down. I noticed Sunday afternoon (June 2, 1996) that The Weather Channel server was down. This is just the way it is out there and is out of our control . If you get a message saying your browser was unable to access a certain page, first check the spelling of the address, then try again. If you still can't ge t in and know the address is right, try again later.

CSS Internet Services welcomes you to the debut of the Lauderdale County Home Pa ge. Many of the pages are not yet complete, but feel free to explore what is th ere. If you find any errors, let us know. We hope you make this your browser's start page. This section of the home page will be used to notify you of anything important pertaining to CSS Internet Serv ice and you. You can click on messages near the top of this page.

You may pay your bill by check or money order at Precision Technolgies in Ripley or Halls Furniture Outlet in Halls.

Help yourself to better pricing. There are two ways to do this:

Back to Lauderdale County Home Page

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