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P O Box 32
Halls TN 38040
(731) 836-9437 css@lctn.com

CSS is a locally owned and operated ISP. Friendly fellow Lauderdale Countians are eager to serve you. CSS and the lctn.com web pages are not affiliated with any government entity. Check our government links page for links to known official government sites.

DSL is now available from CSS Internet Services

The biggest concern of the user base is the ability to access the service quickly at all times of the day. For this reason CSS does not offer unlimited internet access. We do offer unmetered service - if your usage is reasonable (meaning you do not exceed 100 hours/month, month after month after month), this is all you'll ever need. Unmetered access means you will not be charge per minute, but rather a flat rate no matter how much you are on. Unmetered is not available if a user continuously and/or grossly exceeds the average use of other base account users. This policy exists for one reason - to prevent some people from "camping" on lines. Unlimited service is not offered simply because lines would stay busy during prime time hours, making access too difficult for the majority of customers.

CSS Internet Services is part of Custom Software Solutions. A listing of CSS Internet Services follows:

The server is located in Dyersburg, TN at Electronic Communications Systems. This is also the site of The Dyersburg Home Page. CSS Internet Services has conveniently located sign up points in Lauderdale County at Precision Technologies in Ripley. Check out our pricing and terms of service. Whatever your internet needs in Lauderdale County give CSS Internet Services a call at (731) 836-9437 or E-Mail us.

It is important to select the right type of account for your internet needs. This is the only way to insure readily available lines for other users. Please understand the usage restrictions are there to help keep lines open for easy access by everyone.

ISDN Accounts

ISDN gives you 64Kb true digital access to the internet. There is no squealing, hand shaking, or stepped down connect speeds. The rate between your PC and the Dyersburg server will be 64K. The only speed limitations are those that are inherent in the net itself - you still compete with the world for bandwidth.

Base Accounts

A base account is geared toward the typical individual who gets on the internet 4-5 times a week and may stay on for many hours on a given day. This individual doesn't make a living on the internet nor "live" on the internet. If you use the internet in excess of 100 hours for several months in a row, this is not considered normal use of a base account.
A base account includes:

Business Accounts

Because a business may need more time on line a business account is geared toward heavy use during working hours. A business user seldom uses the internet during prime time hours (5-10pm). Average use may climb to 100 hours a month, but never more than 20 prime time hours a month. If you use this account in excess of 20 prime time hours, it is not consider normal use of a business account.

*Although the above two accounts are unmetered, excessive use may require you to change account types for future months.

Heavy Use Account

Heavy use accounts are for people who use the internet in excess of 100 hours per month up to 250 hours. Heavy usage accounts will also face other restrictions on prime time usage. Hours needed above and beyond 250 hours would require special arrangements and involve per minute pricing on prime time hours.

Dedicated Access

If you need more time on line, you should consider dedicate ISDN access. This will give you an access phone number to you and you alone. Your line will never be busy and will not be shared with others. A dedicated line is the only account in which you may run a proxy server. A proxy server will give internet access to everyone on your LAN through that line. Dedicated is the only 'approved' type of account for hosting. If you only need 33.6, a dedicated analog is also available.

Semi-dedicated 8-5 Access

This access is for businesses that desire 33.6 proxy connections during normal business hours. The monthly price is lower because the business frees the line for residential use during prime time. This accounts gives everyone on your LAN internet access M-F, from 8am to 5pm using your proxy server. We can also offer you a special network box that will give you this if you don't set up a proxy server. Unlike the other dedicated accounts, this account does not get it's own special number.

You are responsible for getting your own software to access the internet. Most are either free or shareware and are available on the internet.

DSL Access

Don't call the phone company, call us

DSL is available for most residental customers inside the city limits of Halls and Ripley. Call us and we can check to see if you can get in the fast lane with DSL.

For residential customers the monthly cost of DSL is not much higher than a second phone line and your current internet account. You can keep your LCTN account and breeze through web pages and downloads. If you want call waiting call the phone company, if you want DSL internet access call your internet service provider, CSS Internet Services.

There are some up front charges involved and some equipment is required, so call or send e-mail for more information. Go fast! Get DSL from CSS Internet Services.

Commercial Presence

Call (731) 836-9437 or write css@lctn.com to get your business on the web now.

A big part of the World Wide Web (WWW) is it's commercial presence. CSS Internet Services has several ways to get your business a place on the web. Check out both our business pages and those at Dyersburg for examples of commercial presence. Note that what Dyersburg calls classified is what CSS calls a sponsor page.

If you already have a page with another Internet Service Provider

Look at all the pages designed by CSS Internet Services.


Includes fixed IP, full networking (sharing), 150 hour nationwide dial up access
Account Activation $25.00 per occurrence
Re-Activation $15.00 per occurrence
Return check fee $25.00 per occurrence
Base account $24.95/month
Base account with credit/debit card billing$19.95/month
ISDN limit 150 hours $29.95/month 64K
$39.95/month 128K
$5 discount when credit/debit card billing is used
ISDN overage hours $1.20/hour 64K
$2.40/hour 128K
Heavy use account $34.95/month
Business 8-5 analog access $99.95/month
Dedicated access ISDN (1 to 1) $185.00/month
Classified Listing $10.00/month
Sponsor page $25.00/month
Commercial Web Page from $19.50/month
CommercialPLUS access (web page and analog access)$49.95/month
Web Page Development $45.00 per hour
Installation/Set Up $45.00 per hour
On site Service/Set Up $65.00 per hour
Network/Unix/NT/Novell setup/programming$95.00 per hour
All prices per month unless otherwise noted. We reserve the right to correct typing errors. All accounts require signed contact agreeing to terms and conditions specified by CSS Internet Services. Prices available in Lauderdale County only.

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