Making that X2 modem work

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X2's are nice. The are the hype of the modem world.

Too bad they only like to talk to other X2s.

We can't go out and buy all new X2's. We have more users who don't use X2s than do. So here is a fix for your X2 that will let it talk to other modems, including ours.

If you would rather someone walk you through this, give me a call at 836-9437 during business hours or ask for an appointment during other hours. You may also use e-mail to ask for help.
For Windows : On the Control Panel, double click modem. With your modem highlighted click the Properties button (not dialing properties). On the properties window click the Connection tab, then click the Advance button near the bottom. Place the string below in the Extra Settings box. See the graphic below for reference. Ok and close all windows.

The string to use follows:

ATs32=34 This string turns off x2 and makes your modem a 33.6

I suggest you cut and paste this string since it may be hard to type. All the 0's are zeros. All the s's are lower case. All other letters are upper case. There is exactly one letter I - in the tenth position, the rest are number 1's.
If you have an internal modem, you should shutdown, turn off your computer for 10 seconds, then turn your computer back on, bring up 95 and try to connect.

The Extra Setting box is where you should put the string.

See help with dial-up scripting for screen snap shots of the complete task.

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