CSS Referral Promotion Plan

Now extended to August 15th

CSS Internet Service recognizes that "word of mouth" advertising is the best in this line business. To reward those who help bring new customers to Lauderdale County's first local dail up internet access, CSS Internet Service annouces it's Referral Promotion Program

Pick up points:

How to get August's service for half price:

  1. Only current CSS Internet Service non-business account holders are eligible
  2. Drop by one of the pick up points and ask for as many as three referral cards per visit.
  3. Sign the front of the referral cards while there.
  4. Find a friend who has never had an internet account with CSS Internet Service
  5. Show the friend the internet and recommend CSS Internet Service
  6. Give the friend one of your referral cards
  7. Have your friend come by to sign a one year contract
  8. The referral card should be attached to your friend's application
  9. When your friend's one year account is activated, your August (sent out July 15) access charge for one account will be discounted 50%!!!!! You will be sent a "Thank You E-Note" confirming the discount.
  10. Extended to August 15th for a 50% discount on your access charge for one account for the month of September

If you recommend a second friend, who signs on for a year, you will get August and September at half price. All discounts will be given consecutively and you can get up to twelve discounts. Imagine a year of CSS Internet Service at half price!

What's in it for you friend - only the World Wide Web. Oh yeah, activation will be waved as well. Once your friend signs, he/she too can show more friends and get half price service when his recommendations sign their year contract.

This offer can not be combined with any other offer. This offer expires July 15, 1996, so hurry! Each new applicant may use only one referral card per account. The new applicant is responisble for turning in the referral card. No "I told him to"s will be accepted. For more information call 836-9437 or send

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