Halls Dixie Youth Major League Tigers

Halls Dixie Youth Major League Tigers

1996 Season

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Some say we're named after the Detroit Tigers Others say it's the University of Memphis Tigers. Still more say it's the Halls Tigers. But we just like to be called the TIGERS!!!!

We have currently dropped 6-of-8 games to drop to 6-6 on the season.

We currently stand in 3rd place with 3 games to go. All games played at Crihfield Park, Halls TN
Regular practice every Wednesday at 6:30pm at Crihfield Park

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----- ----- Cardinals Won 8-2
----- ----- Indians Won 7-6
----- ----- Giants Won 9-2
----- ----- Cardinals Won 19-1
----- ----- Indians Lose 0-14
----- ----- Indians Lose 0-11
----- ----- Giants Lose 2-12
----- ----- Cardinals Won 12-1
----- ----- Indians Lose 8-9
----- ----- Indians Won 10-3
----- ----- Giants Lose 6-7
----- ----- Giants Lose 5-8
Monday, June 10 7:30pm Cardinals .
Tuesday, June 11 7:30pm Cardinals .
TBA TBA Giants Rain-Out game .
Week of June 24th TBA City Tournament

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Whoooooo are you? Who, Who?? The Tigers are:

Coach Randy Smith
Coach Jim Vaden
Steven Belton | Jarvous Glynn | Jeremy Goforth | Adam Harrell
Craig Hutcherson | Ryan Luttrell | Jason Milam | Lajoel Nance
Quincy Reed | Chad Riddick | Jamie Wilson

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