Halls Dixie Youth Minor League Astros

Halls Dixie Youth Minor League Astros

1996 Season

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We are named after the real Houston Astros

We would like to thank our sponsor The Lauderdale County Bank

Our record is currently 5-9

All games played at Crihfield Park, Halls TN
Regular practice every Wednesday at 4:30pm at Crihfield Park

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Back Row : Coach Robert, Ryan, Jeremy, Robert, Zach, Lester, Justin, Ray Sean, Coach Wayne
Front Row: Anthony, Steven, Alex, Josh M., Chris, Cody
Not pictured : Josh N., Joey

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Thursday, April 25 6:00pm Dodgers Lose 11-1
Monday. April 29 6:00pm Sox Rain Out
Thursday, May 2 6:00pm Reds Lose 21-2
Tuesday, May 7 6:00pm Dodgers Rainout played Saturday,May 17 - Lose 15-1
Friday, May 10 6:00pm Sox Win 12-4
Monday, May 13 6:00pm Reds Lose 14-8
Thursday, May 16 6:00pm Dodgers Lose 13-0
Monday, May 20 6:00pm Sox Win 15-9
Friday, May 24 6:00pm Reds Win 13-5
Thursday, May 30 6:00pm Dodgers Lose 1-16
Thursday, May 30 7:30pm Dodgers Lose 0-14
Monday, June 3 6:00pm Sox Lose 5-20
Tuesday, June 4 6:00pm Sox Win 13-10
Monday, June 10 6:00pm Reds Rainout played Wed, June 12 - Win 17-1
Tuesday, June 11 6:00pm Reds Lose 2-17
Tuesday, June 18 6:00pm Sox First Round City Tourney

Names in bold are "home games"

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The Astros are:

Coach Robert Jones
Asst. Coach Wayne Nelson
Statistician : Cyndi Jones

Alex Perry | Anthony Jones | Chris Staggs | Cody Heath | Jeremy Taylor
Joey Gillion | Josh Milan | Josh Nolen | Justin Nelson | Lester Lambert
Ray Sean Patrick | Robert Harris | Ryan Young | Stephen Collins | Zach Heater

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Statistics through 14 games of play as of June 13, 1996

AlexAnthonyChrisCody Jeremy Joey Josh M Josh N Justin Lester Ray Sean Robert Ryan Stephen Zach TEAM
2717101017201931171 0.588 0.741
3223121214320970242 0.5220.656
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