New lines!

Because keeping you informed is important, this page will be updated as we continue to work the "bugs" out of the new upgrade.

11:11pm 11/25

New lines activated.


After lengthy testing, lines appear stable.

9:30am 11/26

Not all lines appear to be rolling... we are working on this now.

10:30am 11/26

We think Bell is working on lines to fix rolling and causing period modem server resets. You may be getting bumped off in the next hour.

11:00am 11/26

People are getting bumped off line after 30 seconds of connecting.

11:30am 11/26

Reset lines to go in on Dyersburg group. People are no longer getting bumped. The new lines are still disconnecting test logins.

12 noon 11/26

Changing to new modem server with same new lines. Test accounts will check this box with the new lines.

2pm 11/26

Bell is working on the lines

3:15pm 11/26

People are logging on the new lines but can't get pages to load.

3:30pm 11/26

Pages now load on the new lines, but very slowly. email doesn't work on new lines.

4:00pm 11/26

Email works now. Bell has isolated problems causing the resets which bump people off line every so often and are working on it.

5:00pm 11/26

Bell has turn the lines off to work on them.

5:25pm 11/26

Bell identifies a problem and decides to come on site.

7:00pm 11/26

Bell replaces a bad card in their equipment at the server site.

10:15pm 11/26

Up almost 3 hours with no dropped connections, everything seems to be rolling along fine.

6:30pm 11/27

Up nearly 24 hours. Everything running fine. All CSS users should be using the 836-0467 dial in line.

11:30am 11/28

Occasional resets are occuring. Bell is at the server site looking into the problem.

6:00pm 11/28

Bell is still working on the lines.

7:30pm 11/28

Lines stablized.

5:oopm 12/1

At least three resets have occured today and one yesterday. Bell is continuing to monitor the situation.

No doubt we will get a lot of activity from people "testing" the new lines and all those kids home for the Thanksgiving holiday. Thanks for your continued support of CSS Internet Services.

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