What is Hosting?

Hosting is when you set up your computer to provide content on the internet. Normal use of a base account is using a browser to look at web pages. The web pages are stored on servers called hosts. The LCTN server is a host. It stores the Lauderdale County pages, user personal pages, business pages, etc. Base accounts include space on LCTN to host a personal web page for every base account user. With special arrangements, users can host other things at or on LCTN.
With the right software, individuals can set up their machine at home to host web pages, chat rooms, MUDs, and other such stuff. This type of hosting is in violation of the usage aggreement for a base "access" account. Users who wish to host on their own machine must make other arrangements with CSS, including, but are not limited to, dedicated connections.
The reason this activity is not allowed is that it uses more resources than a typical base account. The result is that the home-based hosts are tying up lines and band width that is needed for other users.

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